What is eSquirrel – the quiz app for your course?

eSquirrel is a simple learning environment for teachers and students.
eSquirrel motivates students to repeat and consolidate learning content. eSquirrel saves valuable time, corrects homework and makes it easier to create and evaluate tests.

How is an eSquirrel course structured?

The eSquirrel course is based on the structure of a book. It is divided into colored chapters that consist of learning units called quests. A quest has up to 10 questions of various formats: Multiple choice, matching tasks, finding pairs, decision questions, but also (semi-)open questions.

This is the game history of eSquirrel:

eSquirrel, the hard-working squirrel, collects nuts to get through the winter. Help him by answering quiz questions in the eSquirrel app. Measure yourself with your classmates and see who can last the longest.

Now how do I teach with eSquirrel?

Tip: This video summarizes the essential elements of eSquirrel in 5 minutes

1… Register yourself or create an account

  • At www.eSquirrel.schule click on “register”.
  • The first time you create an account with your email address, phone number or Facebook login and confirm it.

Tip: You can access this page directly via https://portal.eSquirrel.at.

Note: You can use the same account to log in as a teacher, author or student – on the Web and in the App.

2… Create new class

  • In the teacher portal click on New Class.
  • Select the appropriate course.
  • Enter the name of the class (e.g. 5A, afternoon course Wednesday, …)
  • Select number of pupils
  • Select duration (select 1 month free of charge for testing)
  • If necessary: pay for the school license PLUS with credit card/Paypal. More about payment options..
  • Receive class code, if necessary print out instructions for pupils, project with beamer or send by e-mail
Creating a New Class

Creating a New Class

eSquirrel-Kurs auswählen

Select eSquirrel course

Tip: For courses requiring payment, you can order via PayPal, credit card or invoice. In this step, schools can also order via the textbook campaign (teaching materials of their own choice, UeW).

Note: The activated places are quite cheap, but mostly limited to one school year. Your students can also buy unlimited places via the app itself, but these are slightly more expensive. You can also add these students to your class in step 3, even if you have not activated a place for them.

3… Inviting pupils to the class

  • Students register in the eSquirrel app (on Android or iOS), no matter if smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad or on the web with email address, phone number or Facebook login.
    • Austrian pupils are provided with a free e-mail address via their school through a cooperation with Microsoft Office 365. Both the account and the e-mail function itself must be activated by the school administration.
  • Students go to “Join class” in the app and scan or enter the QR Code.
  • The course loads itself onto the device and is available offline from this point on. Course progress is automatically synchronized as soon as the student is back online.
Klasse beitreten via Registrierungscode

Join class via registration code

Note: Students can also register on the web as you did in step 1 and join the class under eSquirrel Student and practice the same teaching content.

4… Teach!

In the teacher portal you can see the registered students and their course progress. There you can

  • browse through the table of contents 🎬
  • look up answers to all questions (“Cheat sheet“)
  • give quests as homework 🎬
  • block/unblock quests 🎬
  • check individual learning progress (including export to Excel and printing) 🎬
  • answer student queries 🎬
  • manage the class – view registration code, print instructions, remove students, add places (including export to Excel and printing) 🎬
Mit eSquirrel unterrichten

Teaching with eSquirrel

Tip: Just try it out in the teachers’ portal. Each possibility is explained step by step.

Note: You can also open the teacher portal from the app on your smartphone. Just open the menu in the upper left corner of the app and select Teacher Portal.

Write your own courses

You want to teach your own eSquirrel courses for free based on your own learning materials? Switch to “Authors” in the teacher portal and create your own course.

Switch to the short instructions for creating your own course and read our guide for authors.

This is completely free for both you and your students. You benefit from the same features as when you buy paid content. You only have to create the content yourself. 😉

Do you have any more questions? Write to us at [email protected]!