Wir freuen uns mitzuteilen, dass A1 und eSquirrel mit dem A1 Startup-Campus eine Partnerschaft eingegangen sind. Gemeinsam bemühen wir uns, die digitalen Möglichkeiten des 21. Jahrhunderts auch für österreichische Schulen zugänglich zu machen. Während A1 sein Angebot für digitale Bildung in Österreich erweitert, profitiert eSquirrel von der Expertise des international agierenden Konzerns. Die A1 Telekom Austria Group ist neben Österreich auch in Ländern wie Slowenien, Kroatien, u.v.m. tätig und hilft eSquirrel tatkräftig bei der anstehenden Internationalisierung.

Wir freuen uns auch, dass SchoolFox gemeinsam mit eSquirrel am A1 Startup-Campus vertreten ist. Wir werden euch mit weiteren spannenden Entwicklungen am Laufenden halten.

A1 ist Partner von eSquirrel
A1 ist Partner von eSquirrel

eSquirrel funktioniert jetzt so: Sobald du ein Level abschließt, bleibst du in diesem. Wenn du eine Zeit lang wartest und dann die Quest wiederholst, kommst du ein Level weiter. Vorher wiederholen darfst du natürlich auch, da kommst du aber kein Level weiter.

Das war ja schon bisher so?! Ja, genau. Neu ist, dass du das Level nicht mehr verlierst, wenn du nicht in einer bestimmten Zeit die Quest wiederholst.

eSquirrel-Level NEU ab August 2018 - Kein Levelverlust mehr

Im linken Bild hast du gerade das Level Bronze abgeschlossen – und dabei alle Fragen auf Anhieb richtig beantwortet! Gleich darauf dunkelt sich die Quest ab. Mit der Zeit wird sie wieder heller. Ist sie ganz hell und das kleine Eichkätzchen sichtbar (rechtes Bild), ist die Quest zum Wiederholen bereit.

Je höher dein Level, desto länger musst du zum Wiederholen warten, um ins nächste Level zu kommen. Auch das war schon bisher so.

Wie gefällt dir dieses Feature? Sag uns Bescheid und schreib uns auf diese Mail zurück! Einfach gleich in der App ausprobieren. Wir antworten auch. 😉

Wir wünschen noch schöne Ferienwochen! 🌴

Möge das Squirrel mit dir sein! 😉

Dr. Michael Maurer für das eSquirrel-Team

Michael Maurer, founder of eSquirrel, presented the peadagogical concept behind the eSquirrel method at the „8th International Conference on Open and Distance Learning“ in Athens last week. „We believe in the Blended of Blended Learning, as well in the Mobile of Mobile Learning,“ Michael explained. „What makes the concept behind eSquirrel so unique is that it combines training of content with face-to-face teaching and self-empowerded learning units.“ Students decide themselves when they want to learn. If it’s in the bus, waiting for the tram or just after reading facebook before falling asleep.

Besides other interesting projects, another Blended Learning technique, which focuses on the principle of flipped classrooms, grasped our attention: i2 flex

After all the inspiring talks – especially with members of the EU funded eStep-project, there was enough time to work on eSquirrel – with a not less inspiring view, of where reasoning behind learning and teaching all began.

ICODL conference programme

Conference programme

Acropolis, Athens

Working in Athens at the 8th International Conference on Open Distance Learning

eSquirrel is preparing for their first conference appearance. eSquirrel will present their pedagogical blended learning concept at the Austrian eEducation 2015 summer conference on the beautiful „Schulschiff“, literally on the Danube river. Founder Michael Maurer and  school book author Markus Wittberger will do a bring your own device live demo of the eSquirrel Android app. They are creating the demo course a broad variety of teachers will try and will appreciate any suggestions on interesting demo topics.

Thereafter, they will show how easy it is to create these courses for teachers, and, of course, see how well the teachers perform via the teacher’s portal.

Be prepared to read our conference contribution in the conference proceedings. We will keep you posted.

On June, 18 2015 the Austrian startup eSquirrel will be founded as eSquirrel e.U. eSquirrel’s lawyer, Dr. Linder said: „It was quite challenging to match the legal framework to the needs of this unconventional company. Almost every team member has a safe well-paid job, but they still see the need of this product and want to create it in their spare time. The construction of the company had to reflect this attitude“. Michael Maurer, founder of eSquirrel, stated that the Austrian business chamber WKO did not really help to legally boil down their new business model. „They were just showing us what is not possible, and not how we can find a solution. Dr. Linder and tax consultant Mag. Tomitzi were the first ones, to really try to find a way this could work,“ Michael said.

On the same day eSquirrel will launch two crucial eSquirrel components for beta testers: the author’s tool and the eLearning-App. Stay tuned with our newsletter that will inform you how you can write your own gamified course for an Android app – without any programing skills! Read more in eSquirrel marries author’s tool and Android app.

On June, 18th 2015 for the first time eSquirrel will present the inter-connection between two crucial parts of the mobile blended learning platform: the Android native app and the author’s web tool will interweave harmonically with each other.


Every author will be able to create their first course including chapters, quests and questions. Any student can then download the course, install it in the eSquirrel app, and start training the first quests.

The question types already include:

  • multiple choice questions with several possible correct answers
  • decision questions (yes/no)
  • clozes (fill in the gap)
  • Pairing questions
  • Open questions
  • Semi-open questions
  • Elimination questions

Become a beta tester and see for yourself! Drop us a mail at [email protected]