10 einfache Schritte, um mit eSquirrel mobil zu unterrichten.




10 easy steps to teach mobile with eSquirrel

Author's tool:

  • 1) Create your account and login via portal.eSquirrel.at.
  • 2) Create your course, upload a course picture.
  • 3) Create chapters and learning units (so called quests) like you would when writing a book and give them different colors if you want.
  • 4) Fill your quests with questions. You can choose from seven (7), later from eight (8) different question types such as multiple choice, elimination, (semi-)open, pairing questions, or clozes.
  • 5) Click on "Preview in app" in the course overview.

Android/iOS app:

  • 6) Download the app from your app store.
  • 7) Login with the same account as you created in step 1).
  • 8) After refreshing (your smartphone needs to be connected to the Internet) you will see your app as your students would.

Teacher's portal:

  • 9) In the web author's tool, switch to the teacher's portal and create a course for a specific class that you want to use your course. Buy the number of seats you need in your class.
  • 10) Give the students the registration QR code to sign up for your course and watch their progress.